About Us

A brief description of what we are all about

Our team has been interested and active in mycology for 36 years collectively. We started like most mycology lovers, hunting for mushrooms as kids in the woods, amazed with how they looked so strange, yet cool and felt to the touch when picked. Throughout the years we started to learn the benefits and power of the various strains both psychoactive and non-psychoactive mushrooms and wanted to share our love of these mystical and healing plants with our fellow Canadians.

Our Service

What we offer and why choose MycoLabs

  • Business with a purpose: We believe that all business should help community and treat customers with a deep level of respect. With every single purchase, we donate plant medicine to courageous addictions and mental health professionals who are taking risks, working with these powerful plant medicines, treat struggling members of our communities. As a small token of thanks for your support, we’re happy to include a little extra, for you in every order. We believe in passing the good Karma along.
  • Customer Service: It’s cliché to say because people expect good service. Well, we’re committed to service excellence. Were here to answer questions if you’re new to the world of psychedelics. We may not be able to answer medical questions or make recommendations, however we’re committed to helping you acquire the resources you need to make an informed and educated decision on the path of using plant medicines therapeutically.
  • Quality Products: As far as we’re concerned, quality is EVERYTHING. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products available in the market. Our head Mycologist only uses the highest quality, organic substrates and is extremely focused cleanliness, proper drying and storage techniques. With over 40 years experience, we know we will always meet or exceed your expectations.

Mission Statement

Committed to spreading good Karma by giving to others. Be a trusted resource, educating people on the power and benefits of psilocybin. Consistently provide the highest quality, organic plant medicine in microdose and macrodose form, to be used as tools for enhancement of ones sense of well-being and to help overcome challenging hurdles in people’s lives.