Microdosing is usually about taking a sub-perceptual dose, meaning it shouldn’t change your ability to interact with the world. The effects DO vary from person to person, and are dose dependent. Everyone’s physiology is different, so there isn’t an exact dose that works for everyone. Many people choose to play around with dosage to achieve their desired effects *noting that our ‘Calibrate’ capsules (50mg) are perfect to help you find your ideal dose*.

At a lower dose (50mg – 150mg):

Many report a very subtle impact, having an increased feeling of general well being and contentment as well as a greater ability to focus and even find a ‘flow state’.

At a higher dose (150mg – 400mg):

You are likely to feel an increased, yet subtle feeling of sharpness, flow state and overall awareness of your mind and body. Other common reported effects include a more positive attitude, increased feelings of connectivity to friends, family and nature. Your mood will be enhanced in a positive way and it is common to feel more empathy towards others. 

Dr. Fadiman Protocol:

  • 100 mg – 200 mg = “Microdose” –
  • 200 mg – 400 mg = “Slightly higher than a Microdose“
  • 500 mg = “Creative dose

World Renown Mycologist Paul Stamets Protocol:

1 low dose (50-100mg/ day) everyday, then 3 subsequent days off


0.750 mg – 1 gram = Mild visual enhancements and/or some sound distortion (subtle)

1.0 – 1.5 grams = Visual and auditory hallucinations, creativity, lightness & euphoria

1.5 – 3.0 grams = Altered perceptions of space & time

3.0 – 4.0 grams = Strong hallucinations and may lose touch of reality

4.0 – 5.0 grams = Total loss of contact with reality, intense hallucinations, sensitive, emotional and personal experiences impossible to describe.

Set and Setting are key things to consider before you take your macrodose: These variables will determine the type of experience you’ll have.

What you can expect:

750 mg – 1.5 grams – You’ll notice that Music may have more depth. If you’re outside in nature, you’ll notice a feeling of connection with the earth, trees and plants are vibrant and laughing will come easily and more regularly. If you’re inside with friends in a social setting, your ‘walls’ may come down and you’ll feel a deeper connection to your ‘authentic self’. This is the ideal dose if you’re new to this plant medicine. Being in the outdoors camping and exploring nature can be a powerful experience. 

1.5 – 3.0 grams – Sounds have changed and there are noticeable visible changes.  Things are happening around you that are out of your control and you may start to experience visual hallucinations. Your favorite flowers look different, deeper, vibrant, alive. Sound acuity is increased, hearing things you may not normally notice and feelings euphoria and connection may take over. Many people also experience a noticeable time distortion, time moves very slow.

4 – 5 grams – Isn’t for the inexperienced, or faint of heart.  Many users report feeling of losing their grasp on reality and time can become very distorted.  Geometric shapes and colours appear vividly before you. Many people choose to lay down with an eye mask and calming or familiar music for this experience.

At 5+ grams – This is where you are going into deep territory and is only advised for the experienced psychonauts.  It is widely considered the “Heroic Dose”, coined by Psilocybin trailblazer and visionary philosopher, Terence Mckenna.  Ego death is a common theme for anyone taking 5 grams or more.  It is best and responsible practice to have a sitter, someone you trust, to watch over you when consuming this large amount.  Sleep masks and classical music can be instrumental in this experience

Please have respect for the various doses.  The importance of setting cannot be overstated, as well as your overall state of mind before consuming these doses. 

It’s prudent that you plan the occasion ahead of time, leaving any negativity behind and entering with a clear head and good intent. 

Eating clean, getting good rest, meditating and avoiding hard drugs and alcohol beforehand is good practice.  The longer your body and mind is cleansed and prepared, the better it is when undergoing the experience. 

Again, taking larger quantities (3.5 – 5+ grams) should be respected and not be taken lightly.  Having someone with experience to watch over you is highly advisable.